Selecting most effective seaweeds extracts and doses to reduce downy and powdery mildew affection in grapevine: Effects on grapevine physiology, and grape and wine microbiota

Testing the efficacy of seaweed extracts on greenhouse-grown Vitis vinifera plants

Objective 1- Development and chemical characterization of four seaweed extracts. Two crude extracts and two enriched in sulphated polysaccharides from Ulva ohnoi and Ruguloptertix okamurae.

Objective 2-To characterize the biostimulant activity of the extracts against Plamopara viticola (grapevine downy mildew disease, GDM) and Eryshiphe necator (grapevine powdery mildew, GPM) under controlled conditions (greenhouse), through phytopathology, molecular biology, physiology, and microbial ecology approaches.

Objective 3-To extrapolate greenhouse data to field conditions, particularly addressing the impact of the extract on grapevine development and grape chemical and microbial composition.

Objective 4-To determine the possible impact on wine quality from a microbial and oenological perspective.