Our consolidated research group (IT1682-22) analyzes the effect of elevated CO2 and the main stresses associated (temperature change, drought, nitrogen fertilization and their interaction) on the growth and productivity of diverse crops. In addition, our group evaluates plant-plant and plant-herbivore interactions and plant functional ecology in semi-natural mountain grassland. Our research is devoted to improve the understanding of climate change impacts on agro-pastoral systems and to find solutions that respond to both present and future society demands for food security and environmental sustainability,

Our main research aims are: (a) to improve the understanding of the adaptation mechanisms of species to climate change by identifying plant physiological and molecular tolerance traits; (b) to evaluate the effect of climate change on plant production and nutraceutical quality; and (c) to search strategies to minimize the impact of climate change on crops and grazing systems in order to secure sustainable plant production and food security.

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